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Whether it’s to marvel at architectural excellence or to just enjoy the soothing sun and sea, embrace the future and use these apps to make your holiday a breeze. All available on Android and iOS.


This app offers hotels and flights bookings at low price. To top it off, it offers even lower prices when you book both of them in a package. It also has mobile-exclusive deals with up to 70% savings on hotel bookings, itineraries and real-time notifications of flight status with gate and terminal details.


With a myriad of apps that enable you to book a hotel room, HotelsCombined can help to end the confusion by showing you the places and prices from lots of other sources. Once you picked a deal, you’ll be directed to the website that holds the details (like Hotels. com for instance) which is accessible in the app itself so everything stays easy and neat.



If you love to hop between countries and stay connected all the time, buying lots of local sims might not be very practical. With Flexiroam X, all you have to do is attach its thin microchip over your own sim and just switch between the two whenever you need to. The coverage is available in over 100 countries which includes a 4G speed where available.



Simply put, it has all the digital needs of jet-setters. Flight number, departure times, ticket details and even Auto Check-in are available in the app. In addition to that, it tracks any flight delays and by inputting contact details of those waiting for your arrival, the app will send real-time updates so they know when exactly you’ll land. 


This app is almost like a digital travel agent. It provides you with a customized travel experience which enables you to book a trip, tour packages, hotels and itineraries in minutes. It also offers advice from online companies. The only catch is it only offers popular destinations.


If you want to compare flights prices, this is the app for you. Hopper predicts how flight prices will change and notify you when to buy your tickets. It covers over 250 carriers from North America, Europe, and Asia.


Finding the best currency exchange rates can be quite a hassle especially when you’re in a foreign country. With Currenseek, travelers can easily compare updated rates around them, and get directions to the money changers, no matter how hidden.


The app is a digital take on the paperback guides published by Lonely Planet. It provides guides to over 100 cities and are broken down into sections like places to stay, dine and other city highlights. Each city also has a “need to know” guide and a budget calculator.


This voice translator app comes along with other convenient features for travelers like currency converter, cultural information and even free international calls too. TripLingo also has a dictionary of over 10,000 words that are available offline.

 10.   SWORKIT

If you’re a traveler who loves to workout, this app will make working out easy to fit in your hectic schedule. You can schedule your own workout time with a focus on yoga, cardio, stretching or strength training.

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