Nature of Complaint


Have you received unsolicited SMS before? Odds are, you have, whether you know it or not. Unsolicited SMS comes in many forms. Scam, promotional SMS, unsubscribed SMS, and spam peer to peer are some of the types of unsolicited SMS that are sometimes used by crooks to target uninformed victims. …

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“What type of complaints can I lodge to CFM?” COMPLAINTS ON COMMUNICATION AND MULTIMEDIA SERVICES, SUCH AS: Billing Billing Disputes, Billing Errors, Delayed Bills, No Bills, Overcharging, Refund Delay. Service Quality Dropped Calls, Blocked Calls, No Coverage, Poor Coverage, Slow Internet Speed, Service Activation Delay, Service Restoration Delay. SMS Scams, …

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“When a fraud registration occurs, service provider must carry out an investigation against required documentation which includes police report, identity card with original sighted, declaration of oath and fraud declaration form”  EVERY mobile phone needs a SIM card to make a call, send text messages and to perform other communication …

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DROPPED CALLS are frustrating no matter when and why they happen. The inability to complete a call, the sudden cut-off when talking to someone or when a call in progress simply goes silent happen to all instances of dropped calls. The industry categorises dropped calls as calls that were cut …

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