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  • You will get the outdoor network coverage defined by coverage map which is provided by the service provider.
  • Indoor coverage depends on several factors which include the infrastructure of the building (thickness of the wall), the location of the building, blockage, and distance from the base station; all of which are not accessible and beyond the control of the service provider.
Before you lodge a complaint with the service provider, you may consider some of the options below:
i. Turn your phone on and off.
ii. Go to your phone settings and choose the service provider network manually, or simply turn your device off and on to refresh your network connection.
iii. Try your sim card in another device.
iv. Cross-check the coverage info presented on the website of the service provider.
v. If the problem persists, you may check with your peers/neighbours who subscribe to the same network in the same area whether they encounter the same issue. If they are not encountering the same problem, the poor coverage is most probably linked to sim card or smartphone/device/modem.


You need to ensure that the complaints are made in a timely manner whenever you experience intermittent coverage interruption.
If the network coverage problem persists, you may lodge a complaint with your service provider. Some of the information below must be provided to your service provider to ensure a detailed investigation can be conducted:
i.    Date and time of the incident
ii. The detailed problem which is faced by the customer (dropped call, poor reception, etc.)
iii. The detailed address of the location which includes the latitude and longitude of the location.


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