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Scenario i: Due to the nature of my business, I need a faster internet connection speed. I think my current service package is not sufficient to cater to my growing business needs. Currently, there are 15 devices which connect to the network service during office hours, and the actual speed is not suitable for such a high-demand environment. The unavailability of a faster service package and its complementary facilities in my office area can be really exasperating, therefore I’ve requested the service provider to upgrade their facilities sooner rather than later

Answer i: The service provider can only offer the limited package at the moment due to the unavailability of high-speed broadband service amenities in that area at the time the complaint was made. For business purposes, customer can opt to switch to other highly scalable services according to his or her business needs.


Scenario ii: Over a period of several months, I’ve complained to the service provider about the unsatisfactory intermittent coverage. I am unsatisfied as I do not receive any discount or rebate for the days when I can’t use the service. I feel lost and cheated by this particular company. I’ve made a lot of complaints before but they just performed reset on the tower without moving on to repair or upgrade the tower. When I made some complaints, they just reset the internet or asked me to restart the modem and adjust the position at the edge of the window. In fact, I’ve followed their instructions and adjusted multiple times but the same problem arises over and over again. If this problem still cannot be resolved, I want to cancel my subscription without incurring penalty charges as it seems very unfair for me to continue to make payments every month without delay.

Scenario iii: A complainant informs that he has subscribed to the monthly internet service but there is always no internet coverage in his work area. This problem has happened since last month. The complainant hopes that the service provider can proceed with solving this problem.

Answer ii & iii: There may be some areas where reception is limited or unavailable. Some of the incidents which are encountered by the customer may be due to the following reasons:

     i. Intermittent slow internet connection during peak hours in the congested area.

    ii. Limited or unavailable reception. For example, at the upper levels of a high              building, basement, lift, underground car park, tunnel, general network traffic,            a distance from the mobile tower, handset type and quality, and geographical            feature.

   iii. Ongoing maintenance/scheduled upgrading work which is performed by the             service provider.



B. Description of a Service

1.9 (a) Before entering into a contract, a Service Provider must make available sufficient description of the Services in plain language and avoid the use of technical jargon, except where necessary. On the request of a Consumer, a Service Provider must, in so far as the Service Provider is aware, inform the Consumer what other products and services are necessary in order to use the Services that the Consumer intends to acquire from the Service Provider.

 (b) The Service Provider shall provide information on performance details of the Service such as coverage maps.

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