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Scenario i: I’ve called customer service for multiple times and spoke to at least three different officers. Each of them gave me different answers. I’d like to have someone who has a definite answer on the product to contact me. Please call me back as soon as possible.
Scenario ii: The service provider failed to provide customer service in a professional manner and fulfil the customers’ needs. The staff did not offer any opportunity for the customers to speak with the officers on duty. The customers often became angry and impatient with the arrogant attitude of the officer on duty who did not want to listen to their complaints when dealing with the customers.
Scenario iii: The customer service representative couldn’t help and sound rude. He didn’t want even to provide a report number. I requested the transfer of ownership and submitted all documents to them since March. I emailed to customer service last week to check my status but there was no reply at all. Overall, I experienced very poor service.
Scenario iv: I’ve experienced the worst customer service ever. When I went to the centre, the staff did not entertain me despite that I had queue number and it was my turn. He was rude, not smiling and raised his voice to ask me to wait. He even refused to apologize after that. I think that he should have some manners and improve his customer service skills.

  • Be prepared and precise on the issue which requires first troubleshooting by the service provider’s representative.
  • Be calm and patient to the representative who attends to you to identify your issues and expedite the resolution process.
  • In the event that the first troubleshooting by the service provider’s representative did not resolve your issues, it is a practice to refer the issues to upper layer troubleshooting teams such as technical teams and higher management, thus more time is required to respond to your queries/situation.


1. Provision of Information
A. Fundamental Principles for Service Providers
1.2 Service Providers should furnish the Consumer with information on Services which is sufficient, accurate, true, up-to-date and in simple and straightforward language.
4. Responsiveness
4.1 Non-written complaints will be taken as acknowledged at the time the complaint was made.
4.2 Written complaints must be acknowledged within three (3) working days of receipt of the complaint. A Service Provider can elect to do this either verbally or in writing, unless the complainant specifies it to be verbal or written.
4.3 Wherever possible, Customers must be advised when they make a complaint, or within seven (7) working days, of receipt of the complaint of the complexity of the investigation and a timeframe for the possible final determination of the complaint. In the event that the complaint is a frivolous or vexatious one, the Customer shall be informed accordingly within seven (7) working days of receipt of the complaint and if dissatisfied the Customer shall have the further recourse specified in paragraph 6.1 below.
4.4 The timeframe for resolution of the complaint should in 90% of the complaints resolved within a timeframe not exceeding 15 business days and in 95% of the complaints resolved within a timeframe not exceeding 30 business days from the time of
submission of all relevant supporting information or documents as requested by the Service Provider having regard to the nature of the complaint.
4.5 In certain cases (5% or less of all complaints received) it will not be possible for a complaint to be resolved within the thirty calendar (30) days timeframe due to the complexity or circumstances of the complaint. Regular updates must be provided to the customer in these circumstances and the complainant must be kept informed as to the complaint‘s progress and likely timeframe for finalisation.

4.6 Service Providers should provide the Customers with sufficient information to ensure that the Customers can effectively inquire on the progress of the complaint and be advised if this information changes. Such information may take the form of advising the Customer to quote the Customer’s name, telephone number, complaint reference number or other identifiers in order to facilitate a timely and accurate response to the Customer on subsequent inquiries by them.
4.7 Where a Customer is not satisfied with a decision reached pursuant to a complaint lodged with a Service Provider, the Service Provider shall deal with that dissatisfaction in accordance with escalation process which each Service Provider must put in place. Where the escalation processes were already exhausted or where there are no further escalation processes, the Service Provider shall inform the Customer accordingly.
4.8 Customers must be advised of the outcome of the investigation of their complaint. This can be in a written format, if requested by the Customers.
4.9 In the event that it is not possible to resolve the complaint within 45 days or the Service Provider is of the opinion that the complaint cannot be resolved within 45 days, the Service Provider must inform the Customer accordingly and advise the Customer
that he has a right to refer the complaint to the Consumer Forum.
4.10 This Code should be read in conjunction with the provisions in Determinations 1, 2, 3 and 4 of 2002 relating to Standard on General Customer Complaint Handling and Standard on Billing Performance.

6. Further Recourse
6.1 In the event the Customer remains dissatisfied with the outcome of a complaint, the Service Provider must advise Customers of their external options for complaint handling, that is the Consumer Forum.
6.2 The Customer should also be informed by the Service Provider that it has the right to ultimately refer its complaint to the Commission.

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